Mirror Mirror-Who's This New Guy?

The Piatek Institute has many great life changes that occur for our patients. One of our patients, Dave Sisk, is an incredible example of what can happen when you decide to make a change and invest in yourself. From a single look in a mirror, he would launch a 6 year journey that would change himself and build his perspective on happiness. Here is his story.

On January 2nd, 2014, Dave began his 6 year journey of weight loss. At the age of 49 after traveling a lot across the country with his company he suddenly had the realization, “It was my 49th birthday and I looked in the mirror and thought who's that fat bastard? No way was I going to be fat and 50!” The weight gain hit him hard as he had never been overweight. Between 45-49 the nights taking out clients, eating at convention centers, and overall travel caused the weight to just creep in. In his words, “You think one meal I’ll just eat this and then all of a sudden it just blows out of proportion.” The feeling could only be described as miserable. From that moment David aimed to change everything.

The beginning was a moment of finding his bearings. For the first two years he worked with a random trainer he found on google. Still he was not seeing the results he wanted. Luckily, he happened to meet the Piatek Institutes’ favorite fitness trainer, Doug Salyers, and his workouts would be forever changed. While he was being trained by Doug, he was referred to The Piatek Institute for a complete weight loss plan including medication, motivation, diet, and exercise.

From that point on, Dave embraced a new direction of thinking about weight loss. Working with Dr. Piatek and the Institute Dave was able to focus in on each leg of the process starting with lifting workouts with his trainer Doug Salyers, a new minimal cardio regimen, and prescribed medications that help with appetite and sweet cravings. Dr. Piatek also assisted with adding in Low Testosterone treatment. In Dave's words, “The meds and Low T treatment really changed everything for me. It was giving me energy, curbed my cravings, and helped change my workouts with Doug.”

Today, through his amazing work and the program, Dave is now down from 269.5lbs to 208lbs. His body fat percentage went from 43.7 to 16%!

“I have benefited from the Piatek program by not only feeling better but I know I look better. I'm a lot more confident about stuff like that…. it just took me a long time to actually see the difference.”

One of the biggest changes for Dave was changing how he saw himself and approached buying his clothes. “Even though I was losing the weight I just saw fat David in the mirror. Until probably 18 months ago, I could finally see what everyone else was seeing.” With such success, it was surprisingly in just the last 4 months he started buying clothes that fit! He couldn’t find the right sizes as his weight loss made those clothes way too big. It took his friend telling him “You’re buying clothes too damn big...No they don’t fit.” His friend then personally took him shopping to find smaller sizes for Dave to realize how drastic he had transformed.

Dave went from a 2XL to a medium! He went from a size 46 waist to a size 30! That is exceptional work! We were so excited to hear that the last time Dave had a 30” waist he was a junior in high school.

With such outstanding work, Dave suggests everyone who is currently in the situation he was in to make the change and invest in yourself. “I’d tell them to make the change now. Not only will it make them feel better physically but it's going to increase everything in a positive manner...their confidence, the way people look at them, the response of their clients, if they're dating or whatever.”

He adds:“It will take them to a place of like myself being miserable trying whatever I could to get a little bit of happiness and I was spending a lot of money on crap. Like I had two mercedes and all kinds of stuff and like what the hell am I doing? Just invest in yourself and put yourself in a better place. Cause then everything else will fall into place hopefully.”

Dave’s transformation of nearly 100 lbs is incredible. His message that real happiness comes from investing in yourself far more than any physical possession also speaks to how incredible of a guy he is. We made sure to ask Dave with how much he has done was there any set back or changes he saw with the program. He spoke of stresses he faced in his personal life, yet how through rough and hard times he was able to still overcome. He would try and eat clean but if he needed ice cream, he would eat ice cream. “The setbacks that I had were my own. Mental stuff, personal things, I just let things get in my way. The program of the Piatek Institute, Dr. Piatek, as well as the staff have been great at keeping me pumped up. I know if I've had a bad month that it'll get better and I can talk to Dr. Piatek if I need to. It’s fantastic and I would recommend anybody to come. This has been a great experience for me. If someone is thinking about it and on the fence. Just give it a try. Take the medication they prescribe, eat a clean diet, exercise as they recommend, and you will see the results but you have got to invest in yourself.”

With much success, Dave has proven that people can make a change and overcome. If you’d like to check out more of Dave’s journey, check out his fitness instagram at @jdrsisk

If you would like to start your weight loss journey, book a Free phone consultationc today!

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