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Non-Invasive Weight Loss Management:

Approximately 75% of people are trying to lose weight on a daily basis. 90% of dieters who lose weight, no matter how it’s achieved, will gain the weight back in three years or less. 95% gain it back within five years. After treating thousands of patients, we have set this program up to not only work but also to maintain the weight-loss goal once achieved. 


Dr. Piatek developed the 4 core prong approach for his program: EXERCISE, NUTRITION, MEDICATION and MOTIVATION. This is how it works: 


Imagine yourself sitting on a table. In this position, high off the floor, you find yourself supported by four strong legs. With all four legs in place, you are stable and don’t worry much about crashing to the floor. The table will remain upright. However, if one leg comes off you will fall. This is the same for our individualized weight loss programs. Our patients see successful results when they are consistent in maintaining the 4 pronged approach to weight loss. 


Below is how all the legs of the table work together: 


1. EXERCISE- Each patient is given instructions on how to work out based on their medical history and weight loss goal. For some, exercise is a challenge but we feel that the minimum required with our 4 pronged approach is doable for anyone. Hour long cardio classes are no longer needed to achieve results and who really has the time for that anymore? We teach you how to workout smarter and see faster results. Working out too much can also throw off your appetite because it makes you crave more food. Which leads us to 2. Nutrition.

2. NUTRITION- Good nutrition provides natural energy which makes movement that much more enjoyable. They always say you are what you eat and food is meant to fuel the body, not weigh it down. Here at The Piatek Institute, each patient will be advised on nutrition and eating based on their medical history and weight loss goal.

3. MEDICATION- After lab work has been reviewed and we have our patients medical history information, Dr. Piatek or Nurse Styer can prescribe medication that can curb cravings for sweets and fried foods making good nutrition easy to manage. Other prescriptions can be given to boost energy and metabolism. Low T treatment can also be given for men and women that can help with energy, shrinking belly fat, and increasing libido.

4. MOTIVATION- Motivation is 2 fold. We here at The Piatek Institute believe staying motivated is key. Our staff is here to motivate our patients and support them through the entire process of weight loss and weight goal maintenance. Self motivation is easier to maintain by aligning our assigned exercise program, prescribed medications, and a good nutrition plan. You will soon see yourself motivating others. The increased confidence and motivation will reinforce the desire to continue exercising and good nutrition.

So when used together, these four legs form a powerful bond, guaranteeing success.



Low Testosterone Therapy for Men and Women:

As we get older, we start losing metabolic rate, primarily because we lose our anabolic hormones, which are growth hormone and testosterone. Although many women believe testosterone is only a male hormone, it actually exists in both genders. Healthy teen boys generally have a level of 1200, and healthy teen girls normally have a level of 100. At these levels, it acts to inhibit belly fat, so healthy young people are lean and strong. Over time the level declines, and it can be seen in depression, increased belly fat, lower libido, and lower energy. We check testosterone levels in each patient and then give the appropriate level amount for that person. Along with a reduction of belly fat, this can result in less depression, less risk of diabetes, and some muscle growth. We offer Testosterone in skin creams for women and injections for men, so it is safe and easy to accept. We continue to check the level to ensure we are staying at an optimal level. This treatment is relatively inexpensive and can have very positive effects on both mental and physical well-being.

Vitamin B12 Treatment:  

Vitamin B12 has become an essential part of our weight loss and maintenance program for our patients with B12 deficiency. We offer B12 treatment by injection administered by Dr. Piatek or our Nurse Practitioner Brandon Lee. Our patients that tested positive for B12 deficiency have seen great results with B12 injections added to their treatment. It can aid in weight loss by increasing energy and boosting the metabolism.  


We offer Botox injections at $12/unit. Botox is administered by Dr. Piatek or Nurse Practitioner Lee. 

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